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Why AI will make traditional Selenium and Appium selectors obsolete in 2019

In the recent World quality report, 61% of respondents claimed that their biggest barrier to success with automated UI testing was frequency of application change. Logically the push towards Continuous

Scriptworks joins the Sauce Labs Technology Alliance Partner Program (TAP)

LONDON, November 12th, 2018 — Scriptworks a SaaS platform with a simple and intuitive visual test authoring interface for automated testing announced that it has joined the Sauce Labs Technology Alliance

AI vs really “Tough”​ test automation!

The basics are pretty straightforward, click this, enter data into that… There is more often than not a reliable strategy to find a UI element and interact with it. So…

Invest in AI or discipline your Devs?

I love the recent progress in AI and its application in test automation. As a tech nerd and computer science graduate it’s fascinating (it’s a techy thing). But I’ve also

Is AI based Test Automation the new Capture-Replay?

Test Automation is ‘broken’, it has been for years. Even today, 25 years into the evolution of a discipline, 20-25% automation seems like the industry norm, so why? Fundamentally it’s

Google v Captcha – the AI arms race

So how many of you geeks have tried to break the internet? Well, Googling “Google” won’t do it (despite my kids thinking it will). Well I did my own thought

Dammit Jim, I’m a Doctor not a Software Developer!

Let’s face facts people, we aren’t all cut out to be doctors. And like wise we aren’t all cut out to be coders, software testers, or CEOs. It takes a

Enter the era of Visual Automation Frameworks

I believe we are rapidly entering a new era in automation frameworks. Whilst the term ‘framework’ is abused, confused and overused, it is deeply ingrained in automation psyche, most often

The bitter taste of lonely coffee – Don’t set up a Selenium Java Island

It’s not fun drinking coffee alone (especially without wifi!), so here’s my caution, be wary of isolating yourself from your team members when starting a test automation journey in your

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