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Brush up on your Selenium/Appium coding skills with the Scriptworks Code View


Scriptworks simple drag and drop visual test authoring interface provides a great entry point for testers looking to explore automated testing with Selenium and Appium. With full Selenium and Appium

Scriptworks Complex Flow Control Structures

Scriptworks allows for complex flow control structures to be incorporated into tests when required. These fall into two broad categories, Loop structures and Conditional Execution. Both are catered for with

Using the Clipboard

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The Scriptworks Clipboard allows the portability to save blocks which can then be used throughout the project. The Clipboard keeps the saved blocks across a user’s login sessions, it will

Block Based Functions

Overview Block Functions in Scriptworks are used in a project to provide an area of common functionality which is easy to re-use throughout a project without duplication of block-based workflow.

Running Scriptworks tests on TestingBot

Running Scriptworks tests on TestingBot is easy to set up. This guide will provide step by step instructions.   Adding TestingBot Run Settings   From the Test List view select

Extending Scriptworks with Raw Code Function Blocks

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Overview The available Scriptworks block categories aim to provide a rich breadth of functionality for working with Web and Mobile apps, as well as APIs. There are of course situations

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