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Creating a Test

9 Oct 2018

From the Test List view, click on the New Test button:

This will open the Test Info dialog:

Fill in the project Name and Description, you can add Tags to the test to help manage your tests into categories. Hit Save to create the test.

The test will appear in the Test List:

You can edit your test settings, delete or clone the test using the Pencil (Edit), Delete and Clone icons alongside the test entry in the list:

Click on the Name of the Test to open the Test Workspace where you will author your first test!

The Test Workspace will open and we can now add some blocks to get started. Click on the Block Group Icon shown below:

The list of available block groups is then shown, these are categories of Blocks that can be added to a Test. Click on the Getting Started category and the flyout will appear with the blocks in that category:

Drag the WebDriverJS block onto the test workspace:

Now let's add a block with a navigation action. Click on the Browser Navigation category.

And drag in the Browser navigate to block, snapping it into place with the connector of the WebDriverJS block:

Finally click on the <text> and enter a URL e.g.

And hit Save to save your work.

Congratulations! That's your first test created and saved.

Next, let's learn some application elements so we can use them in the test:

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