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Running Scriptworks tests on Bitbar

21 Feb 2019

Running Scriptworks tests on Bitbar is easy to set up. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions.

Adding BitBar Run Settings

From the Test List view select the Run Settings Icon:

The Run settings List will open showing the default Run Settings for the project, click the New Run Settings button:

This will open the Run Settings Info dialog, click on the Bitbar Logo:

Then a set of pre-defined templates will be displayed in the drop-down list:

NOTE – If you don’t have a Bitbar account, you can click on the Signup for Account link or sign up here

Click on the Appropriate Link in the List for the Browser/OS Combination you want to test on and the template will pre-fill the Run Settings Info fields. In this case we will chose a Google Nexus 5 running Android 6.0.1 which is a standard Bitbar trial device.

Next fill in the highlighted <api key>, <project> and <runname> fields with your Bitbar API key and project information.

Once you have completed the details, hit the Save button:

You are now ready to run your test on Bitbar using the configuration selected. Let’s now explore the unique Bitbar features that can enhance test reporting.

Bitbar Reporting and Video Recording

Scriptworks comes with a Bitbar reporting that interacts with the Bitbar API to provide joined up reporting between the Bitbar and Scriptworks interfaces in the Results View.

  • Provides a pass/fail status and test name to Bitbar Test Summary
  • Provide a link in the Scriptworks reporting to the Bitbar Test Summary:
  • Finally provides a link and Embedded video of the test execution in the Scriptworks report:
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