The Scriptworks Clipboard allows the portability to save blocks which can then be used throughout the project.

The Clipboard keeps the saved blocks across a user’s login sessions, it will even keep its contents for the project even after logout.

How to access the Clipboard

The clipboard icon is located at the top right corner of the workspace as seen below:


Blocks can be dragged and dropped from a workspace into the Clipboard icon, the block or set of blocks are then shown in the Clipboard, this will not remove any wrapped Blocks or block sequences from the workspace which will remain the same.


When the Clipboard has blocks copied into it, the Clipboard icon will change from a blank clipboard to a clipboard icon with a block in it, this is an indicator to remind users that there are items on the clipboard.


The blocks stored in the Clipboard can be viewed and accessed by clicking on the Icon in the top right corner of the Workspace, the interface will appear which has the blocks or block sequences displayed independently.


Blocks can be dragged from the Clipboard interface to the desired location in the workspace to build up test cases or functions.

Context Menus


Right Click on Block

When right clicking a block or a set of wrapped blocks the following menu appears, clicking the “Add to Clipboard (X)” option will add the blocks selected to the Clipboard the number in the brackets are the number of blocks that are present on the Clipboard.


Right Click on Workspace

Paste All Blocks from Clipboard (X): This selection pastes all the blocks from the Clipboard into the active workspace. The number in the brackets indicate the number of blocks to be added to the Workspace from the Clipboard. Wrapped blocks count as 1 block.

Copy All Blocks to Clipboard: This selection adds all blocks in the current workspace to the Clipboard.

Empty the Clipboard: This selection removes all blocks in the Clipboard. There is no way to undo this operation.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Scriptworks workspace includes a few keyboard shortcuts which are standard shortcuts for your operating system.

CNTRL/Command + C – Copy Selection

CNTRL/Command + V – Paste Selection

CNTRL/Command + X – Cut Selection


Blocks that can be added to the Clipboard

All blocks in Scriptworks can be added to the Clipboard, these include and are not limited to:

  • Wrappers (API Test Wrapper or Webdriver JS wrapper)
  • API Blocks
  • AI Blocks
  • Mobile Blocks
  • Web Blocks
  • JS Blocks (Assertions, Inputs etc)
  • Function Definitions
  • Actions on Element Blocks