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Automate your Web, Mobile App and API tests with ease

Scriptworks provides an elegantly simple visual interface, empowering manual testers to use their domain expertise to design scalable and reusable automated test packs to address today’s continuous change demands.


Scriptworks browser based UI gives platform independence, and simplicity in adoption. Scriptworks instantly generated test code can be run on any platform; on your desktop, in your CI infrastructure or in the cloud.



Scriptworks simple drag and drop visual interface evolved from an established technology for creating visual programs. Simple tests can be created in minutes, the flexibility of constructs means even the most complex scenarios can be covered with ease.



In Scriptworks, you can always see your automation code, being instantly generated for you from the visual design. Learn Selenium and coding constructs as you build useful tests, with the flexibility to add your own custom code if needed.

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A Test Automation Platform

Scriptworks is a subscription based automated testing offering targeted at making easy script creation for Mobile, Web and API testing built around Selenium and Appium.
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Trusted by global organisations

Scriptworks is available as either hosted in the cloud or installed on-premises as required. The tiered price entry points allow you to grow as you automation capability scales, ensuring a cost-effective growth route for test automation.

We even let you get going for free, allowing you to prove the concept and demonstrate the tests produced to management for approval – a new approach we believe to be the future of test automation.

Scriptworks is based on a proven automation model by Odin, this time we have visualised test automation whilst delivering unparalleled simplicity and productivity.

So why not take the fast track to test automation? Be quick off the blocks – get started today!

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