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Run Settings

Creating a New Run Setting From the Test List view select the Run Settings Icon:   The Run settings List will open showing the default Run Settings for the project,

Running Tests from Jenkins


Overview Scriptworks provides a feature to launch test execution from a command line using curl. Full documentation can be found here This feature allows for integration with CI tools such

Scriptworks Command Line Test Execution

Help Documentation

Overview Scriptworks provides a feature for launching test execution from Command Line calls. The core of this process is to provide a call to the Scriptworks-Client component specifying the tests

Running Scriptworks tests on Bitbar


Overview Running Scriptworks tests on Bitbar is easy to set up. This guide will provide step by step instructions.   Adding BitBar Run Settings   From the Test List view

Brush up on your Selenium/Appium coding skills with the Scriptworks Code View


Scriptworks simple drag and drop visual test authoring interface provides a great entry point for testers looking to explore automated testing with Selenium and Appium. With full Selenium and Appium

Scriptworks Complex Flow Control Structures

Help Documentation

Scriptworks allows for complex flow control structures to be incorporated into tests when required. These fall into two broad categories, Loop structures and Conditional Execution. Both are catered for with

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