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REST – PATCH Request 200

This Article covers HTTPS method PATCH, requests made to a REST API to update resources partially (Not Completely) at the URI end, and validate the response through Scriptworks. Introduction In

‘Codeless’ Test Automation: How visual programming is making it a reality

The requirement for test automation has never been greater, with many organisations moving towards Continuous Delivery and DevOps regimes. With these rapid Build/Deploy cycles, test automation has become critical to

Are AI and Machine learning automation tools the final nail in the coffin for Manual testing?

We’ve all heard this story before in one way or another, that manual testing is the dinosaur of the testing world. The story that machines and automation are going to

Are your test automation ambitions still stuck at base camp?

If you are faced with the difficult ascent of introducing and scaling automated testing in your continuous delivery regime, Scriptworks in partnership with Bitbar help you tackle the 3 key

Scriptworks Table Handling

Table handling has been a pressure point in many automation frameworks and tools for years, but with Scriptworks Table Handling is built into our block functionality! The Troublesome Table For

Why AI will make traditional Selenium and Appium selectors obsolete in 2019

In the recent World quality report, 61% of respondents claimed that their biggest barrier to success with automated UI testing was frequency of application change. Logically the push towards Continuous

Scriptworks at NTSC 2019

London Calling! Odin Technology are proud to announce that we are Exhibiting at the #NationalTestConf 2019 at the #BritishMuseum in #London. We will be showcasing our #codeless product #Scriptworks Come

Scriptworks Dashboard Upgrade

The Scriptworks Dashboard has had a face-lift to accommodate a few new features. The results Dashboard has been improved to include new charts and graphs for projects test runs. A

Scriptworks UI Upgrades

The Scriptworks experience has just got a whole lot more Awesome! With the recent UI evolution Navigating around Scriptworks has become more intuitive than ever. With context-based navigation based on

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