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Test Web, Mobile and Hybrid Apps

Full Selenium support brings you web testing on any browser and platform. Combined with Appium support this enables testing of web apps on Mobile devices, Native Mobile and Hybrid Apps.

Visual Selenium Scripting and JS Code Generation

Scriptworks provides an elegantly simple drag and drop visual scripting environment which is widely used as an educational platform for aspiring coders. An instantly updated Code View shows the underlying Javascript code that the visual script reflects.

Run concurrently

Scriptworks selenium Javascript code is built to run on NodeJS. Concurrent execution is what NodeJS was built for. Tests can be run concurrently on multiple browsers, drastically reducing test execution time for Continuous Delivery projects. Take advantage of concurrency on cloud providers like TestingBot and Saucelabs.

Run anywhere

Scriptworks selenium Javascript code is completely portable, allowing execution on any OS that will run NodeJS. Run tests in your local CI/CD infrastructure, or through cloud providers like Saucelabs, Browserstack and Bitbar.

Comprehensive Reporting

Scriptworks provides a comprehensive results framework built for concurrently executing tests. Screenshots can be captured at every step. Detailed step results and console output, with a history of test runs are stored.


Scriptworks “Functions” allow users to build a library of re-usable test components that can be shared with other users to increase scripting efficiency.

Data driven testing

Simple to use data features enable test data to be managed in external files and read in at runtime. Test data can be selected or iterated through easily.


When test requirements go beyond Selenium, users can add their own ”Raw Code” blocks which are implemented in Javascript. These blocks can then be added to any tests like any standard block.

Complex Scripting

The Scriptworks visual scripting interface is built to support complex flow control structures like conditional logic and looping. The out of the box features support complex scripting requirements and test logic.

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