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Are your test automation ambitions still stuck at base camp?

If you are faced with the difficult ascent of introducing and scaling automated testing in your continuous delivery regime, Scriptworks in partnership with Bitbar help you tackle the 3 key challenges.

CHALLENGE 1 - The requirement for coding and development skills across the team.
Becoming proficient in the coding and development skills to be successful with test automation is a long process, and not everyone will make that journey successfully.
Scriptworks simple and unique drag-and-drop visual test authoring interface enables non-technical QA staff to rapidly design automated test scripts for both Web and Mobile Applications, automatically generating code for Selenium and Appium.

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CHALLENGE 2 - Building and maintaining an automation framework.
The options for building an automation framework can be overwhelming. Identifying the best tools and supporting components, selecting code language and development stack then meeting the challenge of orchestrating them to work together seamlessly.
Scriptworks provides a complete solution for Selenium and Appium automation, cross-browser and device flexibility, concurrent execution, comprehensive reporting, script management and integration with leading CI tools.

CHALLENGE 3 - Setup and maintenance of target device infrastructure.
Investing in the setup and ongoing maintenance of a target test device infrastructure is both difficult and expensive, as well as keeping up with the relentless progress in technology and manufacturer release schedules.
Whether you want to do manual device testing, automate test scripts or run AI-driven, codeless tests against real Android and iOS devices at scale, Bitbar has you covered.

Scriptworks provides an elegantly simple visual interface, empowering manual testers to use their domain expertise to design scalable and reusable automated test packs to address today’s continuous change demands.

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The most flexible cloud-based mobile app testing solution. Use any framework to run manual or automated tests on thousands of real devices. With unlimited users and unlimited concurrency, adapting seamlessly to your existing CI/CD processes and tools.

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Article written by Alex Tracey

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